Dylan Gray's 08 Muscle


Owner: Dylan Gray

Bike:  2008 Harley Davidson Muscle

(AB) What modifications have been done?

(Dylan) :Current Mods are:

  • Vance n Hines pipe
  •  stage1
  • bagged at the rear
  • night rod special wheels
  • bike is currently getting wrapped  
  • custom seating getting done

Then next hopefully a supercharger.

(we will repost some updated pics once its complete)

(AB)During the build, did you come into any problems?

(Dylan) None as of yet

(AB0 How long did it take to complete the build?

(Dylan) Its still in the process 

(AB) Who built the bike?

(Dylan) Mainly me and a friend of mine in Nowra named christian Pedersen, He is a Harley mechanic and owns he’s own shop called Pedersen’s motorcycles.

(AB) What advice could you give to someone who wants to build a custom bike?

(Dylan) Make it to exactly how you want it and enjoy every second of building it and riding it once completed.

People you would like to thank?

Christian Pedersen at Pedersen’s Motorcycle’s
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