Chris Wards 2013 vrscdx

Owner: Chris Ward NSW

Bike: 2013 Harley Davidson vrscdx 

(AB) Firstly, tell me the visions you had before you started building your bike, did those visions change during the build?

(Chris):To keep true to the original but refine some of the things I found bulky or out of place in it and up the performance on it.

(AB) What modifications have been done?

  • 23 in front wheel  
  • 6 degree rake
  • Wilber’s racing springs in front 
  • Stage 2 cams intake and dyno tune
  • Screaming eagle pro race tuner
  • Cult werk gauge mounted airbox 
  • RSD riders & grips  trask motoline bars
  • Altered state  design headlight and forward controls
  • Hogpro rear pulley to match late model wheels 
  • 28t or 26t front pulley ;depending on my mood 
  • Led blinkers all round  
  • Various covers etc  to murder it out 
  • Ricor rear shocks sprung and valved to suit my weight and riding style 
  • Paint all black by Jake young gun
  • Rear wheel by Dario - Empire Customs
  • Akrapovic open line exhaust ceramic coated in and out 

(AB) During the build, did you come into any problems?

(Chris) Waiting for parts and shipping costs, some trial and error and changing mind on a few things.

(AB) How long did it take to complete the build?

(Chris) 2 years whilst still riding it as doing mods in stages.

(AB) Who built the bike?

(Chris) Me, I  fitted it all and set it up
Cams intake and tune by powerhouse cycles
Paint by Jake young gun and Dario - Empire Customs

(AB) What advice could you give to someone who wants to build a custom bike?

(Chris) Have a solid plan ask lots of questions on forums (AB have one in the making)  and deep pockets.

(AB) People you would like to thank.


The many custom parts makers
Mc Cully customs
Jake young gun and Dario for the paint
Jake boss bike seats for his trimming excellence
Keith mchienney from altered state designs

Huge thanks to Rad Rockford for tech help in a few things I was scratching  my head on and the friendship

The many forums for advice  guys like leigh saff in particular

Lorenzo from powerhouse cycles for making it go great

The AB fellas from the beginning for the friendship rides and some running ideas past
Jjac , billo neverworry , Tim WW in particular

As well as Alex (owner AB) , josh Kirsh  and Elliott for the rides and friendships

And the worldwide vrod community