Brett Highman's 2016 Softail slim

Owner: Brett Highman (QLD)

Bike: 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Slim

(AB) Firstly, Tell me the visions you had before you started to build your bike. Did those visions change during the build?

(Brett) Visions I had was just to do something close to original spec but in your face. Using all quality parts. The bike went through two builds in six months as I wasn’t happy with the first attempt.

(AB) What modifications have been done?

(Brett) The list is

  • 23” fat 50 front
  • 18” rear
  • Custom black pearl paint
  • 2” Burleigh Highballs 
  • Nacelle Freight Train Headlight
  • Dirty Bird tank console 
  • Cycle vision tail tidy 
  • Arlen ness Big brake front and rear conversion
  • Full Performance Machine fit out with running boards grips pegs and so on.
  • Full black out engine 2 pac gloss black
  • shirt shot pipes
  • saddlemen seat

(AB) During the build, did you come into any problems?

( Brett) I had a couple. Mainly the big brake conversion had to be modified to fit as well as all the spacers to make the wheels fit proper.

(AB)How long did it take to complete the build?

(Brett) 2 months

(AB) Who built the bike?

(Brett) I did

(AB) What advice could you give to someone who wants to build a custom bike?

(Brett) Plan plan plan otherwise you’ll burn money doing everything twice.

(AB) People you would like to thank ?

(Brett) Zane and Ange at Burleigh Bars always helping me out with the best bars in the business. 

Chris and the parts team at GC Harley

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