About Us

AusBikes started from humble beginnings with like minded riders who just wanted to hang out.

It snowballed into the multi faceted business it is today ranging from Clothing to Weddings to Events and Charity events to Merchandise and Sponsorships to who knows what next. 

We attend multiple fund raising and community events through the year.

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Some events we have attended

  • Cars for a Cure
  • Cars under the Stars 
  • Good Friday Burnouts
  • Harry's Bike Night 
  • Kool Kruisers Car and Bike Meet
  • Bike Night at Sydney Dragway
  • Good Friday Burnouts
  • Big Boys Toys Expo
  • Sponsor Streetlife Events
  • Tuned Festival
  • Grudge Kings
  • Motor Month
  • United Festival
  • Blacklist Sundays
  • Wise Guys Barbershop Launch party
  • Rise Above Bullying
  • Yandelora Charity Run

Join us on our journey!

Find us:

  • At some of the biggest Car and Bike shows in Sydney
  • Wedding Expo's
  • Supporting the Community at local Fund Raisers




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