"Wogzy" - Brand Ambassador

They know me as “WOGZY”.

I became A brand ambassador for AUSBIKES  in February 2019.

I am 26 years old, and grew up in Western Sydney.

I started  riding at the age of 4 when my father  bought me a peewee 50, my dad had taught me to ride as he had a passion for bikes as well ,he had ridden bikes for as long aa he could remember.

Growing up in the western suburbs made me fall in love bikes even more you rarely seen pushbikes around as there's lots of open Paddocks around.

In my teenage years there was a group of us that used to ride together , we had named the group MDbikelife (Mount Druitt) 

I'm not going to lie, we caused havoc anywhere we went. There was usually about 20 to 30 of us riding the street every day, we used to get chased by police but we just keeped going it just became a normal way of life for us.

Each year we done a Easter run, a Halloween run and the biggest run that we have ever done was the Christmas run.

we all dressed up in Santa suits riding around the streets doing wheelies everywhere we went, but the most rewarding thing were seeing all the kids excited for us riding and putting smiles on their faces it gave us boys an amazing feeling and seeing their faces when they see me ride makes me want to keep going.

I currently ride a KTM 500 exc , when I'm on the bike I feel alive I see nothing around me just in front of me, it's the most amazing feeling, I forget all my worries it's like therapy I feel free.

My mate “jezza” taught me how to ride a bike with gears and a clutch from there I went on riding all different bikes.

 While out and about riding with MDbikelife I have watched everything the older guys use to do and from there I basically taught myself everything I know when it comes to doing wheelies and stunts.

(AUSBIKES) - “ If you could give advice to someone wanting to learn how to ride what do the tricks that you do what would you say?”

[WOGZY] : “ ha ha ha I don't know like I guess if they Wanna learn to ride the best advice would be to not be afraid just jump on hey just go for it you have to stack it a few times before you're able to get it."

(AUSBIKES)- "Since Becoming a Brand Ambassador for AUSBIKES what's some things you have enjoyed?"

[WOGZY]- I've been lucky enough to meet some of the AB Crew I now call friends, and have gone on some mad rides with the boys. Ive also taken part in some charity Events that Ausbikes has supported, and have done a clothing photoshoot for the Ausbikes new clothing range."




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